Image of Lulu, a Chinese American girl with glasses and a brown backpack, sitting in front of a row of succulents.

Hello! My name is Lulu Tang.

I'm an artist and designer who loves creating work that brings people joy.

After getting my BSE in computer science and minor in art & design at the University of Michigan, I went into UX design, then brand design, all while doing freelance character illustration.

My professional work includes brand and marketing, zine and e-book design, character commissions, book illustrations, comics, apparel design, and more. I also create and sell merchandise like stickers and prints, stream my artwork process on Twitch, and have experience leading art workshops and building art communities.

I love learning new skills, experimenting with different styles, and collaborating with other creative minds. I'm also a bit of a geek and much of my personal work is fanart.

I do most of my design in Figma, Illustrator, and Photoshop. These days, I typically draw digitally in Procreate for iPad, but originally started with traditional media (my favorites are alcohol markers, pencil, and ink).

Thanks for stopping by my portfolio site!